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There will be a thousand kisses in a lifetime but only a handful trapped forever in your heart. This Valentine’s day, join The Story of a Kiss anthology as we take you into the lives of thirteen couples. From a very first kiss of a high-school prom queen, to a kiss that travels the width of time. Kisses of redemption, heartache, discovery, and so much more.

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Taylor Sullivan- Never Regret

At twenty-four, Margaret Andrews is still a virgin and sick of it. After a year on the top dating site in America, and a late night episode of HUNG on HBO, she’s decided to take matters into her own hands and hires a professional. https://www.facebook.com/TaylorSullivanAuthor/

Kelly Lincoln- Maybe now

When Hunter finally reveals his feelings for his best friend, Ava, their moment is destroyed by a tragedy. Now adults, a change meeting could be the perfect opportunity for a kiss ten years in the making. https://www.facebook.com/AuthorKellyLincoln/?fref=ts

Kathryn L. James- Crazy Beautiful Kiss

Calista and Colin shared a sizzling kiss…one she couldn’t forget and one he didn’t remember. When their paths cross again, an innocent weekend in paradise becomes unforgettable. https://www.facebook.com/kathrynjames.author

Sha Renée- Forbidden Kisses

Ethan is a Navy Officer. Layla is Enlisted. According to rules, any personal relationship between them is prohibited. But can military regulations separate lovers who are destined to be together? https://www.facebook.com/ShaReneeAuthor?__mref=message_bubble

Leslie Kung- At Long Last

Janny and Tom grew up together, but right before their friendship could turn into a budding romance, life and gravity pulled them apart. When the friends reconnected, their chemistry was undeniable–but tragedy put distance between them again. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to finally fall in love. https://www.facebook.com/LeslieHHKung/

Emma Marie Leigh- Wrong time

Jo Stevens is an archaeology graduate student on the opportunity of a lifetime- an excavation in Pompeii. When her group discovers a basement, everything Jo knows is rocked. Rules are broken. Lines are crossed. Jo unearths everything she’s ever wanted. She’s just in the wrong time. http://www.facebook.com/EmmaLeighAuthor

Louisa Blackwood-  Can’t Let Go

Josephine “Joe” Burke has been running since the night her mother died, choosing solitude over dreams. Forced to return to her hometown and her old flame, she can feel her defenses crumbling. Can she let go of the haunting history holding her back? https://www.facebook.com/LouisaBlackwoodAuthor

Polly J. Brown- Ever Be

Evangeline’s life revolved around the water until she nearly drowned. Six weeks later, she returns to the beach to confront her fears, and Gregory Owen, the surfer who saved her life. https://www.facebook.com/PollyjBrownAuthor/

Jaye Cox- Love in Photographs

When her heart remembers but her head doesn’t, will one photograph change everything? Claire didn’t need her memories when everything within her knew she loved him. http://on.fb.me/1Pqyzet

Brandy Ayers- Fighting Faith

At nineteen, Jasper, the love of Faith’s life, shattered her heart. Now, ten years later, they’re forced together once more. Can she hold onto the last few remaining pieces of her heart?  www.BrandyAyers.com

Kate DeHart- Missed Kisses

Struggling with the recent death of her mother, Jess finds solace in her best friend Ben. Years of sweet memories cause their feelings to grow, until he does the one thing that could tear them apart. https://www.facebook.com/kate.dehart.author/?fref=ts

Jody Pardo- Left Swipe Chronicles

Roommates Liz and Michelle venture into the world of online dating. After a series of bad first dates, how many swipes will it take to find her Man of Steel? https://www.facebook.com/JodyPardoAuthor/

Cherry Shephard- Precious

18 year old Precious Montgomery is a nobody, she’s never even had her first kiss . . .  but that’s about to change. Precious has to decide what’s more important; what she’s always wanted . . . or what she’s always had. https://www.facebook.com/groups/CherrysGroupies/







A NEW resolution…

Happy New Year 2016 - Written With Fireworks

As I type, there are less than six hours left in 2015. One of the craziest, and most amazing of my life!  This year I fulfilled a life long dream. I wrote a romance novel. Maybe it’s not your typical dream, but it’s been a fantasy of mine since I was sixteen years old.

But, not only did I write one, I also published it! (Another amazing feat if I do say so myself.)  And I was thrown into the world I never even dreamed of! That of an author. I’ve learned a TON. Some kicking and screaming, and others with open arms. I’ve met authors, bloggers, READERS.  Some of the most beautiful people in the world… One’s I would have never met had I not starting writing. And the thing is, I’ve never seen a single one face to face.

This brings me to my resolution.

I know many people think they’re silly, but I always make one. One. The same one. It’s been the same as long as I can remember.

Honestly, I bet it’s the same ONE most people make every year.  To loose weight. To drop a size or two. To physically change in the negative direction…

But this year I’m going to do something different. My resolution is to be healthy. To move more, experience life, and eat healthy things. To do it regardless of what the scale says, regardless of how my pants fit. And I know to some this may seem like the same thing, but it’s not. Because I’ve been known to do things that are NOT healthy, to loose weight. It’s just not the same.

But I believe health means one more thing–possibly the most important….to love ME.  The me that I am. Exactly how I am, each day, every day. Regardless what I see in the mirror, regardless of the number that does not define me or what size that shows nothing about the person I am inside. To love myself. The way I love the people I’ve never met.


And that’s my hope for you too. That you can see your beauty, and stop beating yourself up for your short comings.  That you love the person you are. Right now. Exactly as you are. Even in your weakest moments.

So that’s it.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  To my old friends, my new friends, and the friends I haven’t met yet!

I love you all!  Exactly how you are!  And I wish you a happy, HEALTHY, 2016!!!!

Is it you?

It’s the first question people ask me when they read my story. “Is it you?”

My immediate reply? “No.”

And that’s the honest to God truth. Katie isn’t me. I’m not Katie. Jake is NOT my husband… you get the point. But it seriously makes me want to cringe with embarrassment. There’s sex in there! The thought of my friend’s thinking it’s us?  Well it makes me want to crawl under a rock and cover my ears so I don’t hear them laugh!

ashamed and smiling attractive young woman on white background

But last week, my husband and I were sitting on the couch after the kids went to bed, and he asked me is Jake was him. :DIE: It’s not. I had to think for a minute before answering (though it felt longer than that). “You’re in there somewhere,” was my honest reply.

And it’s the truth.

My little sister? She’s in there.

My best friend? In there.

My first crush?  Well that’s what started the whole thing. (By the way, did you just have a flashback to a Prego commercial? cause I totally did!)

When I was a young teen, I wasn’t the kind of girl boys lined up for. I was the late bloomer. The chubby one. The girl who was hopelessly in love with my brothers best friend.

I couldn’t help it. He was funny, cute, and played piano like nobody’s business. He was my idea of perfect, but he was also my friend. I loved that boy to pieces. Still do actually. Though thankfully not in the same way.

But it was the kind of love only a young girl was capable of. The doodle his name with a heart around it kind of love. The heart fluttering cause he walked into the same room feelings. The kind of love that wasn’t reciprocated even a tiny little bit.

It made for a couple of very angsty years. Every time he flirted with another girl my heart ripped a little. Every time he was nice to me, it mended back together. I read into every little look, hoping he’d one day notice me. Dreaming of the moment he’d sweep me off my feet, and carry me to my happily ever after. The fantasy of a teenage girl.

I’m happy to say that I found my happily ever after. He’s my husband, and we’ve been married for twelve years. Though he wasn’t my first crush, he picked me up in a bar. 😉

But it’s funny how those little rips in your heart stay with you forever. And it was one little tear, that began my very first story.

Home to You: Coming August 10th.

close up of  aplaster and  paper broken heart on white background with clipping path

The count down begins…

Here we go. This whole publishing my first book thing has become very real. In exactly two months from today, my story will be out there for the world to see.

My sleepless nights, my worries, my tears, my insecurities, my inner most thoughts.  All available for the bargain price of $2.99.

In a word, it’s terrifying. So terrifying that in my weakest moments, I consider pulling the plug on the whole thing. Who cares that I’ve spent over a year of my life writing it, who cares that I’ve already invested a small fortune on editing, promotion, etc. It kinda feels like I’ve spent the past year growing, nurturing, and caring for this thing deep within the most private part of me, and now it’s time to let it go, and give it to the word to rip apart.

You think I’m dramatic?  Maybe you’re right, but it’s the truth.

I worry about what people will think, about reviews, about not making my investment back…. I worry that everyone in my life will think the main character is me, and that all the people in my story are “them”.  I even worry about becoming too famous, and having stalkers! LOL Seriously… What’s wrong with me?


#ME  Except a little more frantic… and my hair never looks that good… and I don’t own a top like that (But I wish I did.)

But what keeps me pushing forward is this; I wrote a story I love. I wrote a story I wanted to read. I wrote a story that made me laugh, made me cry, and filled my heart.

Yes, I’m fearful, I’m scared, and sometimes I want to throw my computer off a cliff and forget I ever had the idea to write a book.  But I’m excited too.

Until next time. 61 days and counting.